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Amtrak General Chairman Mark Kenny reelected by acclamation

INDEPENDENCE, May 16 — Mark B. Kenny was reelected by acclamation to his sixth term as General Chairman at the Amtrak General Committee of Adjustment’s fourth quadrennial meeting held in San Diego, CA from May 9-12, 2017.

Brother Kenny is a member of Division 11 (New York, N.Y.). He joined the Brotherhood on March 1, 1981, and has served as General Chairman since 1998, having also won reelection by acclamation in 2009 and 2013. Brother Kenny also serves as Chairman of the BLET’s Eastern General Chairmen’s Association.

All other officers of the General Committee were also elected by acclamation, including: Vice General Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer David P. Estes, Division 60 (Seattle, Wash.); Western Region Chairman John M. McGregor, Division 22 (El Paso, Texas); Midwest Region Chairman Martin J. Gaab, Division 27 (St. Cloud, Minn.); Eastern Region Chairman James J. O''''Neill, Division 483 (Philadelphia, Pa.); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Patrick W. Darcy, Division 77 (New Haven, Conn.). Brother Estes was reelected to his fourth term as Secretary-Treasurer. Brothers Gaab, McGregor, and O''''Neill were appointed to the GCA audit committee to serve as Trustees.

Appointed to serve on the Bylaws & Finance Committee were: Bradley L. Cleary, Division 45 (Carbondale, Ill.); P.W. Darcy, Division 77 (New Haven, Conn.); and J.K. Loger, Division 144 (Oakland, Calif.). Brother Cleary was chosen to serve as Chair of the Committee.

BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce represented the National Division at the meeting, along with John P. Tolman, Vice President and National Legislative Representative, and James P. Louis, National Vice President. National Division staff members Thomas A. Pontolillo, Assistant to the National President and Director of Research, and Matt C. Kronyak, Special Representative and Director of Mobilization–Eastern Region, were also in attendance.

“I offer my congratulations to these officers on their election and my sincere thanks for their continued service to our great Brotherhood,” President Pierce said. “I have every confidence they will continue doing an excellent job of representing the membership.”

Additional BLET members in attendance included: retired member and former Local Chairman, Dino Raptis (Division 12, Fort Wayne, Ind.); former Local Chairman, Greg Luiz (Division 20, Los Angeles, Calif.); and recently retired member, former Local Chairman Richard Paseman (Division 20, Los Angeles, Calif.), who was recognized for his distinguished service to both Division 20 and the Amtrak GCA.

Local Chairmen (unless otherwise noted) in attendance included: J.J. Cawley, Division 11 (New York); R.M. Grogan, Division 12 (Fort Wayne, Ind.); Vice Local Chairman J. Wooldridge, Division 14 (Washington, D.C.); C.E. Harris, Division 15 (Albuquerque, N.M.); B. Porter, Division 17 (Kansas City); D.L. Halterman, Division 18 (New Orleans, LA); E.R. Like, Division 19 (Detroit, Mich.); C.M. Skinner, Division 20 (Los Angeles); J.M. McGregor, Division 22 (El Paso, Texas); M.J. Gaab, Division 27 (St. Cloud, Minn.); F.D. Bowen, Division 35 (Jacksonville, Fla.); A.S. Carr, Division 40 (Chicago); B.J. Cleary, Division 45 (Carbondale, Ill.); D.D. Lewsader, Division 47 (Denver, Colo.); J.D. Pugh, Division 51 (Salt Lake City, Utah); D.M. Cadogan, Division 57 (Boston, Mass.); D.P. Estes, Division 60 (Seattle); J.D. Coleman, Division 65 (San Jose, Calif.); P.W. Darcy Jr., Division 77 (New Haven, Conn.); J.K. Loger, Division 144 (Oakland, Calif.); D.J. Adams, Division 197 (San Antonio, Texas); D.J. Luna, Division 312 (Boston); G.L. Perez, Division 474 (Blue Island, Ill.); J.L. Buie, Division 482 (Washington, D.C.); J.J. O’Neill, Division 483 (Philadelphia); and S. Crossman, Division 752 (Rensselaer, N.Y.).

Other invited guests included Randall Jamieson, Principal, Atticus Consulting Group. Jamieson gave a presentation on the “Science of Attention” from his work on the Attention Performance Training Pilot Program developed for Washington, D.C.-based Amtrak Engineers.

General Chairman Kenny thanked the National Division officers for attending. Brother Kenny also thanked the Amtrak delegates for their hard work and focus throughout the meetings and subsequent training workshop.

The BLET’s Amtrak General Committee of Adjustment represents more than 2,300 active and retired locomotive engineers and trainmen who work for Amtrak, Keolis Commuter Services, Keolis Rail Services Virginia, and Caltrain.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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