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Draft Legislation

FAMILY LAW BILL -- Introduced in Ohio [PDF]
HB 442 would require employers to allow a parent to exercise court-ordered parenting time without terminating employment, reducing pay, or taking other similar action against the parent.

CISD bill -- Introduced in Massachusetts [PDF]
Every Railroad corporation and railway company shall provide or make available to every member of an operating crew involved in an accident on its railway or right of way which results in loss of life or serious bodily injury, counseling services or other critical incident stress debriefing services within 48 hours, provided, that the engineer, or other operating crew member involved in said accidents hall be relieved from duty with compensation and applicable benefits at the site of said accident for a minimum of three days.

Crew van safety legislation -- Introduced in Texas [PDF]
Would require the Texas Department of Transportation to regulate contract van services in the state. Among other things, it mandates commercial drivers licenses and alcohol and drug testing.

Local Community Rail Security Act -- Resource Draft [Link]
This bill would provide for the security and safety of local communities and community facilities, to protect local communities from practices that fail to secure rail facilities and equipment form the threat of terrorism, and to ensure proper communication between the owners and operators of rail facilities and equipment with local and state first responders.

Passed Legislation

California Local Community Rail Security Act: A version of the Local Community Rail Security of 2006 was signed into law by the Governor of the State of California on October 1, 2006. Below are links to a timeline of the bill as it worked its way through the legislature, and a copy of the legislation as it appears in California State Law.

Assembly Bill 3023 -- History

Assembly Bill 3023 as Law

Rhode Island CISD Statute [PDF]: Rhode Island enacted a critical incident stress debriefing law in 1997 in response to lobbying by members of the Massachusetts State Legislative Board, including current Vice President & National Legislative Representative Tolman.