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Fact Sheets and Reports

High Alert Report [PDF]

Fact Sheets

BLET High Speed Rail Position Paper

BLET Background

  1. Rail Security
  2. Crew Fatigue
  3. Crew Size

General Reports

  1. BLET Reference Manual For Railroad Worker Fatigue Abridged [PDF]
    By Mark K. Ricci, Ph.D.
  2. Hazard Survey of Remote Control Operations On the General [PDF]
    System of Railroads in The United States
    By Dr. Frederick C. Gamst and George C. Gavalla
  3. High Alert: Workers Warn of Security Gaps on Nation's Railroads [PDF]
    Published by The Teamsters Rail Conference
  4. What Every Railroad Worker Should Know About Federal Railroad Safety Laws and Regulations [PDF]
    By Lawrence M. Mann

Useful CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is part of the Library of Congress and prepares its reports for the U.S. Congress.

CRS products undergo review for accuracy and objectivity. Although CRS documents are prepared specifically for Congress and not widely distributed, their distribution is not protected by law or copyright.

We are providing these as general information on a number of rail-related topics. Please note the dates of some of these reports when considering their timeliness, relevance or accuracy.

  1. Amtrak Overview and Options [PDF] -- January 2002
  2. Federal Rail Safety Program and Reauthorization Issues [PDF] -- September 2003
  3. Grain Transport: Modal Trends and Infrastructure Implications [PDF] -- January 2005
  4. Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety -- Federal Program and Legislative Issues [PDF] -- December 2000
  5. Hazardous Materials Transportation: Vulnerability to Terrorists, Federal Activities and Options to Reduce Risks [PDF] -- October 2001
  6. Intermodal Rail Freight -- A Role For Federal Funding? [PDF] -- March 2003
  7. The National Transportation Safety Board -- Background and issues for Reauthorization and Congressional Oversight [PDF] -- June 2003
  8. Passenger Rail Security: Overview of Issues [PDF] -- July 2006
  9. Pipeline Safety and Security: Federal Programs [PDF] -- October 2006
  10. Railroad Retirement: Legislation in the 107th Congress [PDF] -- January 2002
  11. Sensitive Security Information and Transportation Security: Issues and Congressional Options [PDF] -- June 2004
  12. Transportation Security: Issues for the 109th Congress [PDF] -- July 2005
  13. Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel [PDF] -- May 1998